Due to development needs, Shenzhen OPT Communication Ltd is now hiring the following elites with high salaries:

1. Optical fiber communication R&D personnel: 2, bachelor degree or above, with more than five years of research and development experience in the field of optical passive devices, mastering the latest frontier trends in optical fiber communication, and able to independently develop optical passive device products.

2, Foreign trade salesman, optical communication sales engineer: 3, college degree or above, English level 6, have a certain foundation for the optical fiber communication market, have a pioneering spirit, and are willing to challenge tasks.

3. Optical passive device production supervisor: 1, with more than three years of optical passive device production experience, familiar with optical fiber jumpers, optical fiber adapters, optical splitters, optical fiber attenuators and other production processes, understand ISO and on-site management,

If you are interested in the above positions, please send your resume to the company mailbox. Once hired, the treatment will be favorable.